March 21, 2020

Curtains Styles ideas for your Privacy

Curtains are clearly the most obvious way to cover a window and insulate a room. Curtains are best hung by tension rods inside of the window frame. Curtains are often hung on the inside of a building’s window to block the travel of light, for instance at night to aid sleeping, or to stop light from escaping outside the building (stopping people outside from being able to see inside, often for privacy reasons). Curtains are a form of window treatment and complete the overall appearance of the house.

Elegantly decorated living room

Vinyl shower curtains are purchased by gauge. Most vinyl shower curtains are treated with a fungicide that is put directly into the vinyl to make it mildew resistant. Shower curtains are used in showers and bathtubs with showers for privacy purposes and to keep your bathroom from flooding when you employ a shower-head. Shower curtains require a waterproof synthetic finish, and so designs and patterns are limited, but most companies making custom shower curtains are able to provide a vast choice of patterns, over a thousand in some cases. Since the shower curtains are made from 100%cotton fabric, it is essential that they are used along with a vinyl or plastic shower curtain liner. Dyed curtains are inspected for color, and those that are improperly dyed are sent back to the dye house for re-dying. If you have radiators under the window, then either have them moved or make sure that the curtains aren’t so thick that they block all the heat.

Short curtains are perfect for covering smaller spaces such as windows or even the top or bottom half of a glass-pane door. Medium-to-long curtains are suitable for picture windows, while extra-long options are designed to cover full-length windows or tall French doors. Kitchen curtains are often overlooked but are actually quite important to the overall decor of your kitchen or dining area. Air curtains are airbags sometimes called side curtain airbags that drop from the car ceiling to provide crucial head protection in deadly side-impact crashes.


The most saleable of all second-hand curtains are those of chintz, especially old-fashioned chintz, now a scarce article; the next in-demand is what was described to as “good check,” or the blue and white cotton curtains. By day bamboo bead curtains are transparent, by night they conceal what’s behind them. Window curtains are available ready-made to standard sizes or custom made to customers’ specific measurements.

Elegantly decorated living room

Masking curtains are also used in exhibit halls, assembly halls, museums, and live entertainment venues. Tab top curtains are informal, but have a more modern appeal and are often found in family rooms and casual kitchen dining spaces. Larger curtains are typically made in sections that are joined together during the installation portion of our work. Altering curtains to suit the season or your mood is an option since window curtains are some of the less expensive ways to update present-day home interior decoration. Country style curtains include country window curtains, custom curtains, sheer curtains, tab-top curtains. Country window curtains are the perfect way to style your home in a warm and inviting way.

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